The fact is Health care videos reach more customers searching the internet, and three quarters of those viewers are then motivated to take more action when they watch. Are you covered in that market space? We can provide brand-focused video marketing solutions that reach the right audience, with clear and concise information. Internet video engages your customers. It’s not the future, it’s the now.

Medical Marketing Videos

Market Presence

Dreamtime Medical has been producing medical videos that inform, motivate, educate, and enlighten viewers since we began. Our producers work with national hospital chains, regional providers and local practices helping them exceed their goals. We’ve know the way to make you look and sound great.

Webcentric Branding

Web video across all digital landscapes: Physician Profiles, Web Videos, Physician Seminars, Patient Testimonial, Patient Orientation, Marketing Videos, Symposiums, Training, Video FAQ’s, Television Commercials, Documentaries, YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo feeds, and complete Television Advertising plans and buys.